Your First Visits

What should I expect during my first visits...


The Point offers complete billing and pre-authorization services for both primary and secondary insurance. The Point will call each individual insurance company to verify eligibility and benefits for all services provided.

Our insurance claims managers will:

  • Verify insurance benefits
  • Obtain authorization if required
  • Provide secondary insurance billing
  • Notify patient of co-insurance/co pays and deductible amounts pending
  • Verify benefits for medical equipment or supplies
  • Work with clients to establish a payment program.

We accept personal checks, cash, all major credit cards for deductible and co-insurance payments.

All appointments need to be schedule through our office.

  • First Visit –your first visit will be an evaluation, including treatment. This will take approximately one hour. Plan on being at the clinic for 90 minutes.
  • Subsequent Visits- The follow up visits are usually scheduled for 30 minutes, however in some case they maybe 45-60 minutes. Your therapist will inform you of the time need to complete your treatment plan.

What to bring on your first visit:

  • All insurance information
  • Your prescription for therapy
  • Co-payments & or Deductible payments
  • Wear comfortable clothes